Thank you to our incredible team who presented such a captivating show.

We have seen students thrive as they use their God-given gifts for His glory. 

What a joy it is to see students achieving their creative potential!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who was involved in making this Musical a success. 

Thank you to every audience member who came along to support our students and who came to “Be part of our World”. 


Lyné Passmore


Lyné Passmore is a passionate performer who has been involved in the arts program at Citipointe for 11 years and enjoys it thoroughly. She has also participated with great success in various eisteddfods and exams for singing, dancing, acting and musical theatre. Lyne loves to honour and glorify God through her gifts and is excited to bring her character of Ariel to life, especially her curious, playful, and fun-loving nature. She hopes to encourage others to participate in the Arts, to express themselves more freely and build relationships with others.

Santo Archie


Santo Archie joined school band in grade five and has been involved in the performing arts ever since. Whether it be in music, dance, or drama, he loves using his God-given gifts to bless others and express himself in ways that entertain and captivate people. Santo plays Prince Eric, a young man with a spirit of persistence, chasing through even the darkest of storms for the ones he loves. He is looking forward to creating a meaningful and memorable experience for the audience and cast alike.

Joshua Miranda


Joshua Miranda is a passionate and devoted performer, growing his talents in acting and his newly rediscovered love of singing throughout his schooling years. He is involved in The Blokes choir and NOVA Arts Company at Citipointe and feels blessed to share his creative expressions publicly to bring joy and to honour God. Josh relates to many aspects of the character of Sebastian, especially his playfulness and deep sincerity. He is eager to bring the role to life with flair!

Jonah Verri


Jonah Verri has cherished every moment of his time in the Arts at Citipointe and is grateful for the safe space it has provided to express himself creatively, to form deeper connections with peers and to find a sense of purpose. He is looking forward to seeing the show come together, and to the fulfilment in the results of hard work, but more importantly, he is looking forward to bringing glory to God. Jonah enjoys playing the role of King Triton, exploring both the strength and vulnerabilities of the character, and he is determined to give his best to do the character justice.

Jamie Burstow


For Jamie Burstow, the Arts has been a creative outlet and an important part of her life. She has refined and grown in her singing, acting, and dancing abilities over the past seven years and has been involved in several Citipointe Arts ensembles including Voiceworx, Bella Voće and the NOVA Arts Company. Jamie is grateful to have been able to honour God and encourage those around her through these opportunities. Jamie is thrilled to bring Ursula’s character to life, an iconic villain that isn’t afraid to bring spunk, sass and a little bit of magic.


Cody Cobb


Cody Cobb is an enthusiastic performer, who has been involved in several Citipointe ensembles including the Lads, Emerge Dance, Musical Theatre and Junior Dance Company. He loves to use his gifts in the Arts for God.

Tayden Nguyen


Tayden Nguyen is extensively involved in the Arts at Citipointe, performing in bands and ensembles including Concert Band, Jazz Collective, Secondary Percussion Ensemble, The Blokes and NOVA. As the 2023 Arts Captain of Citipointe, he loves the sense of community found in the Arts and hopes to be an encouragement to others.

Noah Gibson


Noah Gibson has always been passionate about the arts, making the most of every opportunity possible to grow in his skills; something that he has been able to do through involvement in NOVA Arts and this production. He is excited to play the role of the annoying and obnoxious, Scuttle with a dash of positoovity!

Ivy Guyatt


Ivy Guyatt has been a faithful and enthusiastic member of the Arts community for many years, developing her gifts with involvement in musicals and other music, dance, and drama ensembles.  She has loved the opportunities the musical has brought to further refine her skills and to learn from those around her.

Joshua Tolliday


Joshua Tolliday has spent much of his high school life in the Arts world, with committed involvement in choirs and musicals. He is excited to make a splash as Jetsam in The Little Mermaid and cannot wait to share his passion of singing and acting.

Ella Haswell


Ella Haswell has enjoyed performing on stage for the past 14 years and has been involved in many musicals at Citipointe and beyond, including Matilda, Godspell, Charlie Brown and Alice in Wonderland. She is very excited for the audience to experience The Little Mermaid, a culmination of the creative gifts of many.

Asha Varghese


Asha has always loved the Performing Arts and feels blessed to have had opportunities to refine her craft in the Citipointe’s Arts programs. In the production, she plays the role of Andrina, Ariel’s older, self-assured sister. Asha hopes to contribute to the story meaningfully, as well as to encourage others around her to be confident in who they are.

Jessica Van Heerden


Jessica van Heerden is a dedicated performer, with over 9 years of training in the Arts. She has been grateful to form strong relationships with her cast mates in the production process, especially her fellow mersisters, and is eager to portray the character of Arista.

Cleo Biancotti


Cleo Biancotti is an extremely passionate performer with over 12 years of training and experience. She is looking forward to playing the role of sweet Allana and to create beautiful memories with her friends.


Abby Heffernan


Abby Heffernan is a very enthusiastic member of the Citipointe Arts community and loves using her talents to glorify God. She has loved every aspect of the process in putting this show together and can’t wait see it all come together.

Hannah Oxenford


Hannah Oxenford’s passion for the Arts started when she began dancing at a young age. She is currently still training and is involved in several ensembles including Junior Dance Company and Voiceworks. Hannah has loved the supportive culture of the cast during the rehearsal process and is excited to perform and use her gifts to glorify God.

Jordan Carlisle


Jordan Carlisle has loved getting to collaborate with so many talented people that also share a love for the Arts. He is excited to bring his character of Pilot to life; a sea captain that keeps things running smoothly and enjoys the high seas with the rest of the crew.

Lucy Smith


Lucy Smith’s love of performing started at a young age with dance lessons and she since has been involved in many Citipointe ensembles and musicals in both performing and production roles. Lucy is excited to play a variety of roles in The Little Mermaid, including Windward and Chef 3.

Elliot Briner


Elliot Briner is a dedicated performer who has been dancing for over 11 years. He continues to be involved in many ensemble groups at Citipointe including Dance Troupe, Junior Dance Company, and Dance Company. Elliot has loved working with an amazing cast, each bringing their gifts to collectively glorify God.

Benjamin Veres


Benjamin Veres is an enthusiast performer, involved in many of Citipointe’s Arts ensembles including The Blokes, String Ensembles and NOVA. He is looking forward to presenting a memorable show with the amazing cast and is excited to bring his character of Chef Louis to life on stage, showcasing the charisma and at times wild side.


Talitha Boldeman

Sneha Varghese

Asha Holloway

Caitlin Egan

Amy Smallwood

Amelia Stewart

Chloe Doux

Myra Tang

Alice Doux

Gemma Dodd

Amber Blackwell

Grace Davis

Blanca Calero

Jasmine Wright

Emily Gilmore

Anjelica Perumal

Abigail Lam

Remy Sparks