August 22, 2024


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Legacy of Literacy

Donate a Book! 

Each year our school library has been well supported by the generosity of parents and grandparents. Many students look forward to the tradition of having a donated library book dedicated to them by their family. Students will often request to borrow the book that their family member has donated, and it has become a treasured reading memory for them. 

Donations of any amount are gratefully received. Additionally, when a donation of $25 is received, the named child will be asked to choose a book and a commemorative bookplate will be added into the book’s inside cover with the donor’s name. Once processed, the book will be made available for your child to borrow first. This process will be repeated for each $25 donation.

We trust that this Book Fair will be a way for families to participate in supporting our Primary Library and for the students to enjoy the continued tradition of having a library book dedicated to them.

Thank you very much for your anticipated support.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. During Book Week we are asking for monetary donations so we can purchase books which the students are interested in.

All donated money will go towards purchasing new books.

Yes, but only donations of $25 or more will allow the child to select a book.

Each book is $25 therefore if you wish to donate more than one book it would be $25 per book. I.e. $25=1 book, $50= 2 books etc.